A selection of all the wonderful projects we have done!

Case studies

Are you considering a redesign of your product?
How brave do you dare to be without losing existing customers?

A redesign of a well-known product can be risky, but done with the right touch and finesse, it will take your product to a whole new level.

Below you can see some examples of redesigns that we have done.


Oivariini had had the same look for a long time and needed a refreshment.  A redesign of the brand's packaging was aimed to increase sales in their existing market, while at the same time attracting new customers. Choosing a white and clean approach gave more visibility, while the product looked very familiar.

You may not even remember that the packaging has looked different!

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Jelly hearts

Halva’s heart shaped marmalade has been around for a very long time, but has increasingly disappeared into the candy shelf. It had a position to defend; it is very popular in baking and wedding decoration. Our assignment was to design a package that communicated the content in a more attractive way, give it better visibility and get even younger baking enthusiasts to find the product.

A brave - but well worth change!

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Pebble Park

If the concept is good, but the design is outdated, it is easiest to just renew the design. To do so, we wanted to explore shapes that would stand out on the shelf, while remaining true to its recognized concept.

And it now contains far more animals than you think!

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Award-winning packages

Patisserie Teemu Aura

Patisserie Teemu Aura's new ”Pink Patisserie” packages won silver in Indigo Awards 2022!
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Spring Aqua Premium

Spring Aqua Premium won a gold Pentaward in Barcelona 2015!

It has also won gold in Excellent Communication Design in German Design Awards in 2017.

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Lif Birch Sap

Lif Birch Sap won a silver Pentaward in Barcelona in 2017 and the German Design Award Special in 2019. Whoop!
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